Data Services


Capture your data from anywhere it can be found

Your data may be found in a variety of places, and datasets may be drawn from multiple sources. They could be harvested from external services via APIs or websites. They may exist in spreadsheets managed by your staff, or be captured from your users via forms or other contribution methods. They could be generated via business processes, software, or instruments. In any case, we can help you integrate those sources to gain you a full picture.


Store your data in the right environment for your needs

Data storage should be carefully selected depending on what you need to do with your data. Your options range from high-speed queryable environments suitable for real-time analysis, through web-available file storage, to offline preservation storage. Each of these has trade-offs in cost, ease and performance, and we can help you chose one or more that works for you.


Manage your data through custom processes and workflows

Data does not remain static, and it often needs input from multiple people and processes over its lifetime. You may require gatekeeper roles where data is vetted and enhanced on the way into your systems, ongoing management workflows to keep it up-to-date and fresh, and any number of other processes that fit with your business needs. We can help you define and design those processes and implement a suitable workflow environment.


Analyse and visualise your data, gain insights and make decisions

The true power of data is the insights we can gain from it. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for analysis. In some cases integration with Business Intelligence tools or development of bespoke visualisation dashboards may be appropriate. In other cases you may want us to use the techniques of modern data science to to mine your data for knowledge, or to apply machine learning algorithms for more nuanced questions.


Share your data via flexible interfaces for humans or machines

What are data and insights if they are not communicated? You may want to share your data with a small group of decision makers, or publicise it to the world for all to see. Your audience may be experts in your domain or members of the public who need a well crafted and non-technical interface. We can help you understand your users, and craft the appropriate medium through which you can communicate with them.