Cottage Labs

make the most of your data

Cottage Labs is a partnership of data experts who can help you understand and utilise your data more effectively. We can build tailored solutions for your needs, from software to processes, across the whole data spectrum...


Capture your data from anywhere it can be found


Store your data in the right environment for your needs


Manage your data through custom processes and workflows


Analyse and visualise your data, gain insights and make decisions


Share your data via flexible interfaces for humans or machines

The Partners

Richard Jones

Richard is an experienced software engineer who works comfortably on both back-end data management systems, and front-end visualisations.

Mark MacGillivray

Mark has a background in informatics research, and a strong focus on advanced data analysis and visualisation, and use of machine learning and collective intelligence.

Anusha Ranganathan

Anusha is an expert software engineer in repositories, research information and research data management, and is a long-term member of those communities.

Steve Eardley

Steve is a skilled developer and DevOps engineer, with additional specialist interests in text mining and natural language processing.